YouTube Do you need views and likes on your YouTube channel? To promote or not to promote?


Are you also still unsure about whether it makes sense to buy views on YouTube? Do you think that hundreds of thousands of viewers and millions of subscribers on popular channels have somehow accumulated “by themselves”? And here it is not! Of course, no one will tell you the truth, but you can be sure that all popular authors (or PR teams working for them) at one time invested (and continue to invest) a lot of money in the promotion and promotion of channels.

Why are they doing this? Let’s figure it out.

Each author wants to increase the audience of their channel (blog, website. Groups and so on), get a steady stream of visitors and eventually attract more subscribers.

Did you know that you can easily get all this by buying views and likes for videos already posted on the channel? This is never a mistake. By buying views, you help people discover your channel. Otherwise, many of them would never have learned anything about your channel.

But this is just one of the many benefits that will give the video blogger an increase in the number of views and likes on YouTube. Do you want to know five more reasons why it makes sense to invest in the promotion of a YouTube channel? Then read on.

1) Views and likes-proof of the need for content

One of the main reasons why a new video on a channel with a small number of subscribers never goes into the trends, or even into the top search lines, is that it lacks social evidence that can convince people of its usefulness.

“Social proof” – likes, comments, number of views and number of followers-are extremely important indicators in social networks. And any content that doesn’t have them is likely to be rejected or deemed irrelevant.

This means that by buying views and likes, you actually get the very ” social evidence” that can convince people of the quality of your content. No one likes being the first subscriber to an unknown channel or the first to watch a new video, like it, or write a comment, but when viewers see activity around the video, they do it more willingly.

Therefore, bought the indicators of activity of the audience and stimulate the activity of natural,

2) Your videos drive traffic

The logic here is very simple: buying views, you invite people to “come and look at the amazing content that I’ve done”, and if they like it, they will do what you must (sign up for a newsletter, buy a service, visit the website, etc.).

3) the Growth rankings YouTube channels

The fastest way to deliver your videos to interested YouTube users is to make them appear in the search results. And it is the number of subscribers, views, and other social signals that shows YouTube that your videos are useful.

According to official Google statistics, more than 60% of YouTube users search for a video by a key query, but do not go directly to the channel.

As it will help a greater number of likes and views? It’s simple: in the eyes of YouTube, the number of views on a video is one of the most important factors of its value. Therefore, if your videos have a lot of views, you are more likely to rank higher in the search results on both YouTube and Google.

Yes, yes. Google also prefers content that is highly ranked on YouTube, and here again we see the importance of the number of views, likes and comments, which determine the rating of the video on YouTube.

Why do people doubt the correctness of buying views? They are afraid that the” bought ” viewers will not become permanent. There is an opinion that the promotion increases the numbers, but not the number of real people. This is true to some extent. But, the task of promotion is different. It helps to bring the video to the top of the search, and from there your future customers will come to you, who will search for the information you need and find it in your videos.

4) More views – more subscribers

Each author’s goal is to convince as many people as possible to subscribe to their YouTube channel. But this is not possible if your videos are watched by only a few dozen people. By buying views and likes, you are actively showing your channel to a new audience, including people who really like your videos.

Therefore, if you create a useful video and buy views to attract more attention to it, then in the end you will show your content to people who will like your channel, they will willingly subscribe to it.

5) More subscribers – more views

Many people forget that subscribers of the channel receive an automatic notification from YouTube when a new video appears on the channel. Moreover, when they go to Youtube, they already see the recommended new videos from the channels to which they are subscribed on the main page.

According to YouTube, about 20% of viewers open videos from notifications and 25% watch recommended videos. Thus, the more subscribers there are, the more likely it is that new videos will receive native traffic, thereby increasing the ratings of both the videos themselves and the channel in general.

5) Quickly gaining views, you bypass the competition

Like it or not, many of your competitors have been buying views, likes, and comments for their videos for a long time. So, if you don’t manage to promote your videos. today, you will simply make your channel less competitive and make it easy for your competitors to win.

However, if you buy views and likes, you level the playing field. And if you are lucky enough to provide better content than they have, you will definitely attract more people than they do, and eventually get more subscribers to your channel.

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