Why it is necessary and important to have a lot of subscribers?

It’s no secret that the more subscribers you have, the more new subscribers you get. There are several reasons for this.

First, each subscriber has friends, followers, with whom they share information, including information that you publish in your profile, and therefore their subscribers (friends) can see and become interested in your publications and become your subscriber.

Secondly, the more subscribers you have, the more you (your profile) is trusted, the more authoritative, in the eyes of others, you will look. Here, the simple psychology of a person who thinks that there can be no” bad “person (“profile”, project), numerous subscribers — since a dishonest businessman, etc., will be exposed quite quickly.

Third, social networks rank the “TOP best users”. No one knows exactly how the Facebook algorithms (it is a commercial secret), but its not hard to assume that the more followers you have, and the more likes and comments your posts, the higher your rank in search not only Facebook, but also on the Internet search engines (including the post). And therefore, the more your publications will be seen, the more it will be interesting, the greater the coverage (“viral marketing” will begin to operate) and the more people will subscribe to your profile.

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