How to design a Facebook page to attract customers?

By 2017, 65 million companies had registered on Facebook. How can an entrepreneur stand out among so many competitors?
You can create high-quality content and run ads. But there is something that will immediately attract the attention of customers. I’m talking about the catchy design of the page.

Why does your company profile need a catchy design?
To increase the number of subscribers
The first thing a person looks at when they get to a business page is its design. Profile photos, cover art, and how the posts are designed-all this makes an impression about the company in less than 1 minute. The beautiful design is catchy at first glance. And now the user puts the page “I like” instead of closing it and forgetting about it.
To stand out from the competition
Although a person sits on Facebook for an average of 35 minutes a day, company posts rarely attract their attention. But business pages are becoming more and more every day (remember about 65 million). An interesting and memorable design is your chance not only to attract the attention of a potential customer once, but also to permanently set yourself apart from your competitors. Do you want the user to look forward to your content in the feed? Then take care of the catchy design.
To increase your conversion rate
If the page already has a stable audience, catchy design elements will improve the interaction with subscribers and turn them into customers. For example, place a call to action on your profile cover, show a new product, or announce an event + place a link in the description that will be visible when clicked. Check how much this will increase the conversion of subscribers to real customers.
To broadcast the brand
A Facebook page is a continuation of the brand in social networks, so its style should correspond as much as possible to what the client sees on the site. Make sure that your brand remains recognizable in social networks. To do this, use the current logo, corporate colors, fonts, and your own photos. This way you will increase your brand awareness and expand your audience.

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